Hershey’s My Dad Commercial Song – Red-Haired Girl & Her Dad

Hershey's Dad Commercial

Hershey’s promotes its products in a new commercial, titled “My Dad”.

The spot, created by agency Arnold, features a young girl finding an inventive way to spend more time with her busy dad (played by Johnny Kidney), who’s working from home and is supposed to participate at a video conference. After she puts in front of the laptop a life-size cardboard version of her dad, the two go in the kitchen and start making s’mores using Hershey’s Syrup and bars. The new tagline, “Hershey’s. Welcome Happy”, is accompanied by the shape of a heart spelled out with the brand’s syrup, bar and spread.

This ad is actually an excerpt from an emotional mini-movie that shows the moment the girl decides to take action and find a way to connect with her dad. Her journey into town to visit a printing shop, where she has the cardboard cutout of her father made, and a grocery store, where she buys Hershey’s products and mashmallows, as well as her way back home are chronicled, with a remake of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” performed by Mr. Winwood and his daughter, Lilly, serving as soundtrack.

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