Barclaycard TV Advert Song: Start Today

Woman in Barclaycard TV Advert

Barclaycard encourages people to start today doing the thing they’ve always longed to do and promises to help them get the one vital thing they need to get going so that their wish can become reality.

The British bank has launched a new advert, aiming to illustrate this idea. “Everybody has something they’d love to do one day.” – the voiceover says in the 60-second spot, while on screen various people are shown watching others doing the things they would also love doing, like playing an instrument, climbing, riding the bike, enjoying pottery, canoeing, and finding reasons not to do them, like “Too busy”, “Too young”, “Too many pies”, “Too soft”,
“Too clumsy”, and more.

“At Barclaycard, we’re here to help you get the one thing you need to start so that your ‘one day’ can be today.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot, which features those people buying with Barclay cards the things they need to start pursuing their passions, such as a musical instrument, a Taekwondo uniform, and then spending time enjoying their passions.

The song used in the ad is the 2003 single “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun” by English rock band The Libertines.

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