Audi Clowns Advert Song

Audi Clowns TV Advert

Audi showcases its clever and intuitive technology in a new advert, aiming to highlights that it is “on constant look-out, to help keep you safe on the road”.

The ad shows various Audi vehicles whose drivers manage to get themselves out of all kind of situations, some of them quite dangerous, thanks to safety features like Pre-sense city, which scans the road for other vehicles and pedestrians and applies the brakes is necessary in order to avoid a collision, rear-view camera, Lane Departure Warning system, and others. Those situations are all caused by some clowns who do not pay attention at all while driving, being busy to play with their noses while going in reverse, to put on lipstick, and drop boxes on the street.

The soundtrack music is “Send In The Clowns” by Faultline feat. Lisa Hannigan, that has been written by Stephen Sondheim and licensed by Warner Chappell Music Publishing.

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