The Crown Season 2 (Netflix 2017 Series) – Trailer

The Crown Season 2

The acclaimed biographical drama series The Crown, about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, returns this winter, on December 8.

Netflix has released a teaser for season 2, which will focus on Queen Elizabeth’s effort of doing what takes to ensure the British monarchy survives, while her marriage and empire crumble around her.

The first season chronicled events up to 1955, with Claire Foy portraying the Queen in the early part of her reign. The sneak peek into the upcoming season, which is intended to cover from the Suez Crisis in 1956 through the retirement of the Queen’s third Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, in 1963, following the Profumo affair political scandal, features Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth saying that “the rumors.. still haven’t gone away” and that she’s “learned more about humiliation in the past few weeks than she hoped she would in a lifetime. In one of the scenes, she’s told she married a “wild spirit” and “trying to tame him is no use”.

Foy’s character also says that, over the ten years she’s been a queen, she had three Prime Ministers and “not one has lasted the course.” Her husband, Philip, is shown telling her he understand the Prime Minister’s resignation and “the whole relentlessness of it all” due to the problems she has with her mother, her sister and the country, and asking her “But is it not possible that among all those problems there are some of us who are there for you no matter what?”. Queen Elisabeth’s answer, which ends the teaser, is “If only…”.

The upcoming season will see new cast additions, including Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy, Jodi Balfour as Jacqueline Kennedy, Anton Lesser as Harold Macmillan, who followed Anthony Eden as Prime Minister, Matthwe Goode as Antony Armstrong-Jones, a society photographer who marries Princess Margaret, and others.

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