Paddy Power Football Fan Advert Song: Away Day Footy Fan

Paddy Power TV Advert - Football Fan

Paddy Power continues its “You Beauty!” campaign with a new ad, featuring a disabled football fan that travels to an away game.

The spot, done by Lucky Generals agency and titled “Away day footy fan”, shows a young man in a wheel chair overcoming packed train carriages and stampedes on his way to the stadium. On his way, he sings to the tune of the 1983 single “Gold” by English band Spandau Ballet, saying that “Today’s game’s away from home, but travelling to the match is a chore.” He also says the match’s day is his favorite day despite all the bums in his face and the clueless steward clearing the way. His trip to the stadium includes also other inconveniences, such as dealing with guys who use the toilet reserved to disabled people, but, luckily, arrived at the stadium, he has the last laugh because he scores a pitch side position in the disabled viewing area.

“My team’s on a serious roll, my bets gonna come in, I know, cause they’re indestructible. The home fans are leaving.” – he sings, while some of the home fans are shown leaving.

“That’s the spirit, best seat in the house, guy!” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot, adding the site’s tagline, “Paddy Power – You Beauty!”.

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