Paco Rabanne Pure XS Francisco Henriques Advert Song – Guy Naked in Bathroom

Paco Rabanne Commercial: Francisco Henriques

Paco Rabanne promotes its new fragrance Pure XS (Pure Excess) with a new ad starring model Francisco Henriques.

The 30-second spot features Henriques entering a bathroom and getting undressed. In the meantime, he’s also admiring himself in the mirror, touching his chest and abs, without knowing that several young women are looking at him from behind the mirror. Well, they are not just looking, they are lusting. When he takes his pants off, the ladies are all rushing and jumping to see him all naked and, to their surprise, they see how he puts Paco Rabanne
Pure XS on his intimate parts.

The music playing in the background is George Bizet’s Carmen Suite No. 2.

This new fragrance, announced as “an oriental combination of fresh spices and heated resins and woods”, contains a large dose of fresh ginger, which is warmed by a carnal mixture of myrrh resin and sweet vanilla.

Paco Rabanne XS Pure, available as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette, comes in a lighter-shaped bottle that follows the design of the collection, colored in dark blues and blacks.

Francisco Henriques walked the runway for Hermès S/S 18 Men’s Show, Emporio Armani S/S 18 Men’s Show, and appears in Tommy Hilfiger’s 2017 Summer Vacation Catalog, H&M 2017 Summer Undone Catalog, the PEPLVM Magazine’s 2017 The Tourist Editorial, and more.

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