Norwegian Cruise Line Commercial Song: Feel Free

Norwegian Cruise Line Commercial

Norwegian Cruise Line has launched a new TV commercial, with the tagline “Feel Free”, urging viewers to “feel free”.

The 30-second spot, featuring a cruise ship and people enjoying their cruise with a variety of relaxing activities and various sports, highlights that “out here you’re free to take the plunge, free to dive in, free to roam, free to soak it in” and encourages you to “live life”, “set sail” and “feel free”.

The song used in the commercial is the 2016 single “Freedom” by Pitbull, from his newest album, “Climate Change”.

The international music superstar, who is the “Godfather” of the Norwegian Escape ship, “hosted” the After Dark Party on the Norwegian Pearl this spring, from March 10 to March 13, and next year he will do the same as Pitbull After Dark Party is back. From March 2 to March 5, 2018, he will set sail from Miamo to Nassau, Bahamas, together with Flo Rida, DJ Laz, DJ Soulman, The Most Bad Ones plus more to be announced. Over 2200 guests will join the artists to the Caribbean cruisin’ bash, where they will gave the chance to party day and night.

Pitbull After Dark Party 2018 staterooms begin at $760 per person for double occupancy, plus taxes and fees. Pre-sale signups are open.

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