Nissan X-Trail Advert Song – Built to Build Families

Nissan X-Trail TV Advert

Nissan UK showcases the new Nissan X-Trail in an advert aiming to highlight that this SUV is “built to build families”.

The 15-second spot features the X-Trail, its new design, including new headlights, 19″ alloy wheels and a steel & chrome exterior, and some of its most important features, such as Intelligent All-Mode 4×4, that ensures both on-road and off-road capabilities, with 2WD and Auto Mode, that constantly monitors conditions and adjusts the balance of power between front and rear.

The ad also highlights, by featuring a large family spending time together, doing sport and taking selfies, that the X-Trail, whose pricing starts from £23.385, has up to seven seats.

The song used in the ad is the 2006 single “Sæglópur” by Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós, from their 2005 album “Takk….”. This track has been used also in various trailers, such as the trailer for the film Life of Pi, The Tempest, in previews of Human Planet on Discovery Channel, in the final episode of the Netflix hit series Sense8 Season 1.

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