Michelin Commercial Song: When It Matters Most

Michelin Commercial

Michelin has launched a new global advertising campaign, entitled “When It Matters Most”, to promote its new Defender tire and highlight that the brand, through its dedication to safety, helps people drive on, to be present for the ones who count, especially when they are needed the most.

The spots, done by TBWA\Chiat\Day agency and directed by Anna Sandilands and Ewan McNichol, feature various persons of different countries and cultures who, after finding out that they are needed by a dear one, through a phone call or a text message, interrupt what they are doing and set out to go to them. One of the ads, which is actually part of Michelin Super Bowl 2017 commercial (featuring the song “Stay Alive” by José González) shows a young woman who gets at the wheel of her car and goes to comfort her friend as soon as she learns that she broke up with her partner.

The other spots feature a father returning home and learning that his wife is pregnant, a mother leaving work to see her young son, who’s homesick. In all the commercials, the brand’s iconic emblem, the Michelin Man, appears in a subtle way as an illustration of reassurance of the driver.

MICHELIN states that Defender T + H is “the longest lasting tire among leading competitive tires” and that it offers “80.000 miles of confident driving with uncompromised safety and a quiet, comfortable ride”.

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