Kmart Back to School Commercial Song – School Bus

Kmart School Bus Commercial

Kmart has released a new ad for the back-to-school season, inviting you to save in style when your kids go back to school and get $5 tees, shorts, and leggings that can be mixed and matched.

The 30-second spot features several kids in a school bus who seem very happy to go to school. Wearing $5 tees, shorts and leggings, they’re dancing, throwing paper planes and showing off their backpacks, sneakers, and clothes.The ad also showcases various school supplies, including Crayola crayons, Elmer’s glue, and Poly folders, all available for 50 cents. The offer is valid through September 16th.

The song used in the ad is “Din Daa Daa (Original Version 1983)” by Berliner musician George Kranz, released as a single in 1983.

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