KitchenAid Commercial Song – Black Stainless Collection

KitchenAid Commercial

KitchenAid showcases its complete Black Stainless Collection in a new ad, aiming to point out that “When you have the right tools, your kitchen can be anything you want it to be and whatever you need it to be”.

“My kitchen is more than a room and these are more than appliances. They are my tools. My escape. My freedom to
go wherever my ambition takes me.” – the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, featuring a woman in the kitchen, using the appliances to prepare meals, whose image is alternated with captures of other persons enjoying life at full by running on a field, diving into the water, floating in a pool, and dancing at a party.

The song used in the ad is a rendition of the gospel song “This Little Light of Mine”, which became a Civil Rights anthem in the 1950s and 1960, and also a very popular children’s song, recorded and performed by the likes of Raffi in the 1980s.

The KitchenAid collection of Black Stainless Steel appliances, described as “a softer, warmer alternative to traditional stainless steel appliances”, includes refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, undercounter refrigerators, hoods, and microwaves. Besides the chef-inspired design, these appliances boast revolutionary features, such as Preserva Food Care System in the black stainless steel refrigerator, which helps keep your food fresher longer with a refrigeration unit that controls humidity, and a separate system for frozen foods dishwashers, Even-Heat True Convection, which evenly manages temperature in the oven by using a fan that draws air in past a heating element and back into the oven, dynamic wash arms in the black stainless steel dishwasher, which provide 3x better coverage by spraying in every direction, so your dishes get a powerful clean no matter where they’re placed, perimeter ventilation, which increases the efficiency of the brand’s black stainless steel hood by pulling air from the edges and accelerating the movement of air at the center, and PrintShield Finish, which means that these appliances are not only easy to clean, but also fingerprint resistant.

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