IKEA 2018 Catalog Commercial Song: Make Room for Life

IKEA 2018 Catalog Commercial

IKEA USA announces the launch of its 2018 catalog, whose theme is “Make Room for Life”, in a new commercial highlighting IKEA home furnishing solutions that enable people to make more room for the things they love in life.

The 90-second spot, set to the rhythms of an original song whose lyrics encourage people to make room for life, features moments captured in various homes, such as people playing the piano, a young girl observing an insect, a girl skate rolling in the living room, a big family having snacks in the living room, a girl lying on the rug and texting to her friends, a man smelling a lemon that he planted, two kids arm wrestling with their father, a guy running on the treadmill in his apartment from a skyscraper, a woman working from home, a baby doing his first steps, a couple making out, an old lady kissing her parrot pet, two teenagers dancing in sync, and more.

The song urges people to make room for new beginnings, for friendship, for family, but also for those who let them down, but might just be there in the end, for wins and losses, for the first time and last time, for the ones in between, for dance floor, and for whatever it is they stand for.

IKEA is encouraging people to embrace the fluidity of their homes, the unconventional spaces, the multi-purpose furnishings, and realize that the living room has space for both their needs and their dreams.

The Swedish retailer’s new catalog will be available August 7th.

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