Diadora Sportswear Commercial Song – Tommy Genesis

Diadora Commercial - Tommy Genesis

Diadora showcases its new Sportswear Fall/Winter 17 collection in a new ad, urging you to “Live your passion with Diadora Sportswear”.

The 30-second spot features Vancouver rapper Tommy Genesis, new icon of the Millennials, and some of her friends, including Markel Williams, young American social star who sets international fashion runways abuzz, DJ/artist Naleye Junior, eclectic guitarist Lucas Bin, Leandre Sanders, skater who dominates the streets of L.A., all members of Diadora crew, who follow their dreams day after day and put passion in everything they do.

Among the showcased items, part of the Live your passion capsule collection, there are the men’s sweatshirt Sweat BL, available in six colors, with pricing ranging between £22 and £50, men’s T-shirt SS BL, available in eight colors, with pricing ranging between £11 and £25, the men’s pants RB94 (£50), the men’s sweatshirt Sweat Crew RB94 (£60), available in three colors, the men’s T-Shirt SS RB94 (£40), available in two colors, and the Unisex Sports Shoes B.ORIGINAL VLZ (£60).

The song used in the ad is Tommy Genesis’ “Execute”, from her debut album, “World Vision”, released in 2015.

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