TD Bank Commercial Song: Common Groud Project

Girl in TD Bank Commercial

TD Bank presents, in its latest ad, the #TDCommonGroundProject, which aims to revitalize over 150 green spaces in communities across the country to help bring all Canadians together for the country’s 150th anniversary.

The spot, describing the project as “a legacy of getting 150+ green spaces ready to bring Canadians together, features kids at the playground, youngsters playing frisbee in a park, taking a cardio class outdoor, families enjoying a meal outdoor, in a dedicated outdoor space, seniors playing chess on a bench in a park.

A special song, with the following lyrics, is performed by a little girl and a young woman. “The more we get together, together, the happier we’ll be/ Cause your friends are my friend and my friends are your friends./ The more together, together, the happier we’ll be”.

The spot ends with the several persons, representing various communities living in Canada, saying the word “Together” in Mandarin, Arabic, French, Squamish, and English. Groups of people dressed in red and white and carrying Canada’s flag are also featured as they celebrate their country.

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