Sainsbury’s Table Squish Advert Song: Tetris Theme

Sainsbury's TV Advert - Table Squish

Sainsbury’s highlights, in its latest ad, that “table squish is living well”.

The 30-second spot features a family preparing the table in their backyard for a lunch including delicious summer food recipes from chicken, pasta and fish.

The British supermarket chain’s summer picks consist in Sainsbury’s BBQ Chicken Drumsticks (700 g – £3.00/unit), Sainsbury’s Jersey Royal Baby New Potatoes Taste the Difference (500g – £1.50/unit), Sainsbury’s Halloumi & Vegetable Kebabs (280g – £3.50/unit), Sainsbury’s Pork & Pepper Kebabs (420g – £3.50/unit), Sainsbury’s Red Seedless Grapes (500g – £1.75/unit), Sainsbury’s Double Cream 300ml – £0.95/unit), Sainsbury’s Coleslaw, Taste the Difference 300g – £1.05/unit), and more.

The advert, ending with the chain’s tagline, “live well for less”, features the theme from the Tetris “Type A” Video Game, by Nintendo composer Hirokazu Tanaka.

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