McDonald’s UK Happy Meals Advert Song – Kids Dancing

McDonald's UK TV Advert - Kids Dancing

McDonald’s UK has launched a new ad from agency Leo Burnett London, promoting its Happy Meals and aiming to
highlight that taking your kids to McDonald’s will make them happy.

The 40-second spot, titled “Happy Days”, begins with a mom telling something (most probably that they’re going to McDonald’s) to her twin daughters, who then start jumping for joy in the living room, and continues with other kids expressing their joy on their way to McDonald’s. A little girl is dancing in her car seat, a boy is dancing in a puddle, two little girls are sprinting joyfully in a flower shop, other kids are dancing around in a museum, others on the football field, after practice, a girl is showing her enthusiasm in a grocery store, while pushing the shopping cart, knowing that afterwards she’ll get to enjoy a Happy Meal at McDonald’s, and a boy and his dad are dancing in the garage.

“Did someone say McD’s?” – asks the voiceover at the end of the spot, which features the twin girls shown at the beginning having their Happy Meals brought over at the table by a McDonald’s employee.

The song used in the ad is the ’80s classic “You Make My Dreams” by the American duo Hall & Oates (Daryl Hall & John Oates), taken from their ninth studio album, “Voices”, released in 1980. This song has been featured also in an EHarmony commercial back in 2012, and in several films, including The Wedding Singer (1998), Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003), Step Brothers (2008), (500) Days of Summer (2009) and Eddie the Eagle (2016).

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