Dogs Trust Advert Song: Little Balloon Doggies

Dogs Trust TV Advert - Balloon Doggies

“Every dog has a special someone. They’re just waiting to be found.” – this is the message conveyed in the latest Dogs Trust advert.

The 40-second spot released by the animal welfare charity and humane society, formerly known as the National Canine Defence League, which rehabilitates and finds new homes for dogs abandoned or given up by their owners, features three little balloon doggies taken away by the wind to some persons that go at Dogs Trust and find the dogs looking just like the balloon doggies, taking them eventually at home.

The concept of a balloon dog character was used as a metaphor on a dog journey to find his special someone, as a representation of the journey the homeless hounds go on when finding their new families, according to Dogs Trust, that also revealed that no balloons were released during the filming of the advert, as they were in fact filmed attached to sticks.

The song playing in the background is a cover of “True Love Will find You In The End” (originally by Daniel Johnston) performed Charlie Harper.

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