Cricket Wireless Alcatel PULSEMIX Commercial Song – Business Man, Party Man


Cricket Wireless Alcatel PULSEMIX Commercial

Cricket Wireless promotes its deal on Alcatel PULSEMIX in a new commercial, presenting it as a phone of two sides.

“The Alcatel PULSEMIX is a phone of two sides. In the front, this 5.2″ display. In the back, a SNAPBAK smart cover with LED lights. Youn might say this phone is business in the front… and party in the back.” – says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, entitled “Two Sides”, which features a man in a business suit showcasing the phone’s display and, when turning, revealing a disco outfit that matches the phone’s cover, and dancing on the rhythms of the 2011 single “The Bay” by English synthpop band Metronomy, included on their third studio album, “The English Riviera”.
“Business man, party man.” – says the voiceover, while on screen the man is shown turning around to illustrate “business” and “party”.

The company’s offer, enabling you to get the Alcatel PULSEMIX for just $29.99 if you bring your number and $79.99 if you get a new number or upgrade, ends this fall, on November 2. There is another special offer, on Snapback, namely if you buy one SNAPBAK at full price, you get one free.

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