Yoplait Commercial Song – Mom Breastfeeding in Public

Yoplait Commercial - Mom Breastfeeding

Yoplait has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Mom On”, which marks the creative agency’s 72andSunny debut for the brand, urging mothers to come together and celebrate the unique ways we all choose to #MomOn.

One of the spots, titled “You’ve Got This, Mom On”, features several women talking about the choices they made as moms and how others judge them. “First rule of motherhood: someone’s always judging.” – says a mom breastfeeding in public. “Breastfeeding didn’t work out. Guess what? The world’s still turning.” – says another mom, while walking her twins, who hold baby bottles in the trolley. As the ad continues, other moms are shown, such as a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a mom that “bribes” her kids, a mom that looks older, a mom that drinks some wine, a mom that dresses how she wants.

“Now if you think that’s shocking, check this out: good old-fashioned Yoplait. It’s not made with cage-free Norwegian hemp milk, and guess what, she loves it” – says one mom at the end of the spot, referring to her daughter, who loves Yoplait and waits to receive it holding one of her mom’s legs.

The brand’s tagline, “Do what tastes right”, appears on screen, alongside various flavour combinations, such as Yoplait Original Strawberry, Yoplait Custard Yogurt Blueberry, and Yoplait Dippers Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Greek Yogurt + Choco-Drizzled Pretzels.

The song playing in the background is Mom On Anthem by Tonefarmer.

This campaign, aiming to encourage moms to ignore haters, also includes a video produced by NBCU Content Studio, starring the popular vlog duo #IMOMSOHARD, who collaborated with the yogurt brand to make a social experiment called “Moms Undercover” in order to find out how many moms would help out a fellow mom facing “a tricky parenting situation”.

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