Valero Energy FueledBy Commercial Song – Venice Vixens

Valero Commercial - Venice Vixens

Valero continues its FueledBy campaign, that debuted earlier this year to highlight the company’s belief in fueling people to go out and achieve their dreams, with a new clip, featuring the Venice Vixens, an all-female motorcycle group fueled by defying expectations and doing things their own way.

In the 60-second spot, one of the group founders talks about how the Venice Vixens started and how it helps women. Thus, viewers get to find out that Venice Vixens started because the girls rode with a bunch of guys and they’ve been told that they can’t be in the men’s club because they were girls, even though they participated and did everything. “So we kind of just started it as a joke” – says one of the founders, mentioning the initial idea: “if we can’t be in your club, then we’re going to start our own little thing”, and that it turned into something that’s “fun, with friends hanging out and riding together”.

“I think it’s really good for girls to see that women are not only riding, but also racing. That’s such a man’s world and just to see that you can go out there and do it and you can have fun and your friends can do it, too, I think that’s really important. It’s just the perfect place to be to experience everything at its utmost” – states one of the founders.

The spot ends with Tamara Wilson and Liana Vitali taking their helmets off and introducing themselves, saying “I’m fueled by doing things my own way”.

The campaign includes also clips featuring the Tralka family, fueled by togetherness, the City Ballet of Los Angeles, fueled by grace, the Centennial High School Marching Band, fueled by spirit, and the Cascade Drift Skippers, fueled by adrenaline.

The song playing in the background is, as revealed by Valero, a custom track created by Studio Perfect along with the executive producer Max Gosling, “to capture the essence of what we’re all fueled by”.

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