Toyota C-HR Commercial Song: Gingerbread Man

Toyota C-HR Gingerbread Man Commercial

Toyota continues its ad campaign showcasing the C-HR crossover with a new commercial that is a modern take on a classic fairy tale. This time, the inspiration has been Gingerbread Man.

The 60-second spot features a ginger man at the wheel of a Toyota C-HR who’s chased by hundreds of people. “Run, run as fast as you can.” – says a female voiceover, to whom the man replies “You can’t catch me, I’m Gingerbread Man.” Among those who’re after him, there are dozens of skateboarders, random people, ballerinas, and even a bride. After speeding down the city streets, the Gingerbread Man arrives in a place where hundreds of people are gathered, some of them wearing masquerade masks. When all of those persons see him and start walking toward him, he spots, in a dark corner, not far away, a woman wearing a mask, as well, that makes him a discrete sign to follow her. Thus, he enters a sort of secret parking and escapes the crowd, believing he’s now safe. But the woman who seemed his “savior” was actually the sly fox, who was also willing to catch him and gobble him up, aka steal his Toyota C-HR.

The spot ends with a scene featuring the woman who was previously wearing the fox mask getting off the Gingerbread Man’s crossover.

The song playing in the background is the 2017 single “Undefeated” by American Gentlemen, a project featuring Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller and producer/songwriter Christopher Umana.

Toyota has re-imagined also Cinderella and Rapunzel fairy tales in its campaign.

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