The AA Advert Song 2017 – Singing Baby

The AA Singing Baby Advert

The British motoring association The AA highlights, in its latest advert, that their mechanics usually get you going again in 30 minutes.

The 60-second spot, aiming to illustrate how fast the AA can fix a car, features a father driving to the airport, while his little girl is showing off her amazing singing skills, in her car seat, on the rhythms of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”. When the car breaks down and her dad calls The AA for help, the toddler doesn’t stop performing the full-throttle rendition of the famous song. In the meantime, The AA van shows up and a mechanic fixes the problem, enabling the man to hit the road again.

The ad, ending with the AA mechanic holding the punch like the man’s toddler, was written by Shay Reading and art directed by Frank Ginger at A&E/DDB, and directed by Traktor’s Pontus Lowenhielm through Rattling Stick.

According to the post company The Mill, the little girl starring in the advert is not actually singing. The child singing Proud Mary is older and her mouth has been used to replace the toddler’s mouth, an intervention described as “a full, highly complex mouth replacement” in order to ensure that the “singing baby’s” actions feel as natural as possible.

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