Google Pixel Phone Commercial Song – Nom Noms & People Jumping

Google Pixel Phone TV Commercial

Google highlights that on Pixel you have unlimited storage for all your photos and videos and urges you to capture all your cravings, every jump, splash and cartwheel of the summer.

The spot titled “Nom Noms”, set to the rhythms of “Like Like Like Like Like Like” by The Intelligence, features a bunch of sweets, including cakes, donuts, and muffins, pizza, cheeseburgers, quesadillas, fruit, ice cream, and people having fun while indulging themselves with the goodies.

The spot titled “Spring of Summer, shot by #teampixel”, features people jumping and splashing, while the song
“Jump” by The Kids is playing in the background.

Pixel by Google is the first phone with Google Assist built in, which enables you to get answers in the shortest time, manage everyday tasks, such as making a dinner reservation, set a reminder or text your friend the info, be entertained with the music and the videos you want to see, find photos faster, keep tabs on travel. Pixel boasts one of the highest-rated cameras ever, taking “brilliant” photos in any light, including both ¬†bright and low light.

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