eBay Commercial Song: Fill Your Cart With Color

eBay Commercial - Girl Fishing

eBay urges you to “Fill Your Cart With Color” in its latest commercial.

“When did shopping get so beeeeeeeige?” – is the question raised at the beginning of the 60-second spot, featuring beige boxes on a conveyor. Set to the rhythms of “Montage” from the soundtrack album of the film Swiss Army Man, the ad continues with a mix of amateur footage depicting the moment eBay customers open up their box(es) and images of products available on eBay, such as colorful shoes, fly fishing, new denim, ski jets, drones, and others.

A man is shown putting on display the sneakers he bought on eBay, a young woman is shown going fishing, another one is shown trying on a pair of jeans, another one, together with her boyfriend, shows off the ski jets they bought, and a man with a leaf blower says, while using it, that “this is worth every penny”.

“Shop like nobody else. Because you aren’t like anyone else.” – urges you the e-commerce company, featuring also several persons in colorful outfits, a group of motorcyclists, a group of people playing drums and violins, people at the seaside, and a woman showing off her camera.

The song “Montage” is the first from the soundtrack album of the 2016 fantasy drama film Swiss Army Man, done by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell from Manchester Orchestra, and features Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe, the lead actors in the movie.

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