Cheerios Commercial Song – Good Goes Around and Around

Girl in Cheerios Commercial

Cheerios states that “Good Goes Around and Around” in its latest commercial, released as an anthem.

The 60-second spot follows the journey of an oat starting from when the seed is planted by a farmer until it gets to the spoon, and includes amateur footage featuring kids and adults alike eating Cheerios and not only. We get to see that you can not only eat Cheerios, but also build with them a tower on your newborn’s forehead while he’s sleeping, fill a tub and take a bath in them, invents contests involving Cheerios boxes and make robot costumes out of Cheerios boxes.

The song playing in the background, produced specially for this ad, is a happy jingle, urging you to “start with the good and the good will come back to you” and highlighting that “the circle of good makes the world better, too”.

Cheerios promotes its Cheerios Honey Nut Gluten Free, Cheerios Apple Cinnamon Gluten Free, Cheerios Original Gluten Free, Cheerios Multi Grain Gluten Free, and Cheerios Chocolate Cereal Gluten Free.

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