Cartier The Proposal Commercial Song – Lola

Lola in Cartier Commercial

Cartier continues its ad campaign featuring proposals with a new film, titled “My favorite song”.

This time, the love story of the two protagonists begins with a knock at the door. Lola, a young woman, goes to a neighbor’s door willing to find out who’s the one “making all the noise” and asking to keep it down. This is how she meets Paul, a handsome young man, who was listening to The Kinks’ single “Lola” from their 1971 album “Percy” and keep doing that even after she leaves.

The ad continues with a scene set two years later, featuring her waiting for Paul to enter a music club. When it gets really late, she enters alone and sits at a table. To her surprise, Paul shows up on the stage, greeting everyone and saying that the song he’s about to perform has changed his life. He sings the song that brought them together two years before, “Lola”, and then goes to Lola, places a red case with a Cartier engagement ring in it and proposes to her.

The ad ends with her saying “Yes” and kissing each other.

Cartier’s “The Proposal” film series includes three love stories set in Paris which include proposals at the airport, at the museum, and in the elevator.

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