Apple WWDC 2017 Commercial Song – Appocalypse

Apple WWDC 2017 Commercial - Appocalypse

“Ever wonder what life would be like if all our apps suddenly disappeared?” Apple imagined it in a short film titled “Apocalypse”.

The clip, which is the opening video for WWDC, starts with a new Apple employee who’s left by himself in the company’s Data Center from Cupertino, CA, to set up his desk. The man, who begins by putting his earphones on to listen to Christopher Cross’ “All Right”, haphazardly unplugs the App Store servers, sending thus the entire world into chaos.

At this point, a depiction of the chaos is made, with drivers crashing into each other after not being able to use Google Maps and Waze, a man barricaded in his home shouting to a group of travelers attempting to enter that “This isn’t an Airbnb!”, a woman giving people on the street physical portraits of herself (now that also Instagram is gone), a couple undergoing a “Face Swap” at the practice of a plastic surgeon. Not long after, a black market App Store appears, where people can get iTunes on CD, play Candy Crush by smashing candies with a hammer at a Candy Crush table, play Farmville 2 in a space with real animals, and use Tinder by entering a Tinder booth and show off what they’ve got, like a guy who’s sporting his toned abs. A man holding a pizza box is shown standing on a car and saying to a microphone “I just ate this whole pizza by myself” #toodelicioustoshare #pizzaemoji #instafood #doesanybodywantaslice”.

The film ends with the onscreen lines “Keep making apps. The world is depending on you” and “Welcome to WWDC”.

The Worldwide Developers Conference, taking place from June 5 to June 9 in San Jose, CA, is used by Apple to showcase its new software and technologies for software developers.

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