2017 Games: Life is Strange – Before the Storm (Trailer Song)

Life is Strange - Before the Storm

Xbox has released the 4K announce trailer for the three-episode prequel to the teen drama Life is Strange, Before the Storm, whose first episode will be released this summer, August 31, on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.
The original 2015 game Life is Strange has in the spotlight Max, an aspiring photographer who discovers she has the power to rewind time, which enables her to change events and reshape future.

Before the Storm, made by Deck Nine Games, seems to focus on Chloe Price (who was saved by her childhood friend, Max, from being killed in one of the Blackwell Academy) and her best friend, Rachel Amber, two major characters from the first season of Life is Strange. Chloe is shown smoking cigarette after cigarette alone in her room, recalling traumatic episodes from the past, going to the Blackwell Academy, and witnessing a fight in a bar. Rachel is also shown, but only for a second, at the end of the clip. The song playing in the background is “Numbers” by indie folk band from England Daughter, from their 2016 album “Not to Disappear”.

The complete three-episode season of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, which will cost $16.99, can be pre-order now on the Xbox Games Store. Square Enix is also offering a $24.99 Deluxe Edition that will come with a bonus episode, “Farewell”, that will enable players to take the role of Max “one last time”.

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