XXXX Queensland Packs Commercial Song

XXXX Queensland Packs Commercial

The brand of Australian beer X X X X has released a new ad, urging you to grab your limited edition Queenslander pack of XXXX GOLD Australian Lager, XXXX GOLD Australian Pale Ale and XXXX Bitter and support your “Mighty Maroons”.

The 30-second spot, set to the rhythms of Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy”, features a man taking out from his closet his special jersey and gearing up for an epic series of footy, with family and friends, and lots of X X X X beer. As they get all together to watch the game, the joy and enthusiasm can be read on their faces.

XXXX, that sponsors sport across Australia, from footy to cricket to professional bull riding, is one of the key sponsors of Quensland Maroons, its history of supporting this rugby team being legendary.


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