University of Phoenix Commercial Song: We Can Do It

University of Phoenix Commercial: We Can Do It

University of Phoenix Commercial: We Can Do It

University of Phoenix has released an inspirational commercial from 180 L.A., that tugs at the viewers heartstrings, to promote the school’s Tech Curriculum.

The 60-second animated spot, titled “We Can Do IT” and directed by Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson of Hornet, features a single mom who, after losing her manufacturing job at a factory because the manager had decided to start using technology, chooses to adapt instead of being left behind and become more relevant in workforce by enrolling at the University of Phoenix and follow a bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Even if she has two kids and a house to take care of, she struggles to pass all the exams by learning at night, after the little ones fall asleep and, eventually, she manages to graduate and get an office job. Where did she find motivation? The ad reveals that, besides her children, the iconic “We Can Do It!” poster, featuring a young woman (Rosie the Riveter) in a factory uniform and red polka dot head kerchief, flexing her arm muscle, helped her believe in herself and inspired her to reinvent herself.

The spot ends with the woman at her new job, modifying the “We Can Do It!” poster, that she brought from home, by
writting down “IT” on the “It”.

The song playing in the background is a cover of the 1992 debut single “Dreams” by Irish rock band The Cranberries, produced specially for this ad by Beacon Street Studios. According to the University of Phoenix, the full track will be available for download at the University’s website when ready.

The campaign, which will also include videos featuring students’ real-life stories of reinvention, will roll out over four months.

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