The General Insurance Commercial – Young Man Interrogated by Girlfriend’s Father

The General Insurance Commercial

The auto insurance company The General, specializing in insuring drivers who are considered “high risk”, promotes its services in two new hilarious 30-second ads.

One of them, titled “Young Love”, features a young woman introducing her boyfriend, Sean, to her “daddy” and announcing him that they are getting married. Her father asks the guy to have a seat and starts interrogating him sitting behind him, with the mouth directed to his ear.

“You got a job?”
“Yes, sir!”, answers the young man.
“Do you drink? Do drugs?”
“No, sir”, comes the next answer.
“Who’s your car insurance with?”, asks the girl’s father.
“The General, sir”, answers the guy smiling, this time having the courage to look him in the eyes.

Happy to hear that, the man, willing to shake his hand, says in a cheerful voice “Welcome to the family, son!”.

The response is a “Thanks, dad!” and a big hug.

The commercial ends with The General urging you to get an anonymous online quote and ride with The General.

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