Tecate Light Canelo Alvarez & Sylvester Stallone Commercial – Canelo in a Tub Full of Ice

Tecate Commercial - Canelo Alvarez vs. Sylvester Stallone

Canelo Alvarez promotes the popular pale Lager Tecate Light in two new ads, starring also Sylvester Stallone.

In one of the spots, the 26-year-old Mexican boxer showcases his WBO championship belt, when Stalone enters the locker room and shows his Vintage American Eagle Belt Buckle after urging him to “be bold”. Alvarez, pointing to his shining belt, says “Be bolder”, making the actor to put his hands in front of his eyes.

The next scene features Stallone entering a room where the champion is sitting in a tub full of ice. When he tells him again to “be bold”, Alvarez, now surrounded by several Tecate Light cans in the ice, replies “Be bolder” and throws a can to one of his mates. “You got it”, says Stallone, who’s ready to get in the tub, as well.

The spot ends with the brand’s tagline, “Born bold”.

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