Stella Artois Commercial Song: Woman at Garden Party

Woman in Stella Artois Commercial

Stella Artois has launched its summer-long campaign, titled #HostOnetoRemember, with a series of new ads, highlighting that parties with the brand’s beer are definitely unforgettable. The brand also encourages people to “bring their own passions and personal style to holiday hosting to create special moments that will last forever”, according to Harry Lewis, vice president Stella Artois.

One of the 15-second spots, titled “Stella Artois Presents Do It Better”, features a young woman hosting a garden party who decides to serve her guests with Stella Artois alongside oysters and grilled vegetables.

The song used in the ad is called “The Dark at Night” and is stock music from the music publishing and licensing company Jingle Punks, which provides original and licensed music for television, film, video games, and advertisements.

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