Sprint Baywatch Commercial Song


Sprint Baywatch Commercial

Sprint has released a new episode of “Sprintwatch” series by raising the same question: “Baywatch protects the beach. But who protects your wallet?”.

The lifeguard, this time on a mission to save a young girl stuck in a fishing net on the beach, talks to her from his jet ski, holding a megaphone to make himself heard better.

“Looks like you’re stuck. That’s way too much for unlimited. You should switch for Sprint. That will save you”, he advises her, receiving in response the catchphrase “That works for me!” (used also by Internet personality Topher Brophy, who starred in several ads for Sprint, together with his dog-son Rosenburg).

“All right! Who else need saving?” asks the lifeguard, going away driving his jet ski.

The song playing in the background is “I’m Always Here” by Jim Jamison (Baywatch Theme).

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