Spectrum John Stamos Commercial

Spectrum John Stamos Commercial

Spectrum has released a new commercial, starring John Stamos, to promote its TV, Internet and Voice services.
The spot features the actor telling viewers about the perks of being him. “Really, I’, just a regular guy.” – starts Stamos his presentation, while sitting on a sofa, with a bowl of popcorn in front of him. He soon reveals he was kidding, saying “I’m spectacular”, and sets out to make a tour of his house (which is a huge mansion), talking about the perks of being him and how Spectrum services help him keep in touch with his fans.

“Another perk: When I watch my shows on Spectrum TV, I literally watch my shows.”, “With Spectrum Internet I’m always connected to social me, viral me, streaming me.”, “And Spectrum Voice, helps me catch up with all my fans, all over the world.” – says Stamos, while the voiceover presents the company’s offer in terms of TV, Internet and Voice services.

The latter highlights that, with Spectrum TV, you can get more HD plus thousands of titles free on demand, for just $29.99/month, with Spectrum Internet, you can get 100 Mbps with no data caps and a free modem, for just $29.99/month, and you can enjoy unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, and more, with no added taxes or fees. You have 30 day money-back guarantee and no contracts.

The spot ends with Stamos answering a phone call after telling viewers that one of his fans is calling and learning that it is actually his “granny” calling him to check up on him.

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