Secret Deodorant Brandon Commercial

Secret Deodorant Brandon Commercial

“Dating is hard. Preventing pit stains is easy.” – this is the message conveyed by the brand of antiperspirant / deodorant for women Secret in its latest ad.

The 30-second spot, titled “Pre-Date Freakout”, features a young woman in her car, parked in front of a restaurant,
practicing lines before going to a blind date. Actually, she’s practicing more the way she pronounces the guy’s name (Brandon), while the A/C unit is blowing cool air over her so that she wouldn’t sweat and pit her blouse.

“Brandon, this is a great date! You look so different from your profile picture, too. Were you really in Jamaica? Wow!” – she says before starting to say his name several times, fooling around. Her “fun” is ruined by Brandon himself, who shows up unexpectedly, catching her by surprise and making her blush.

She manages to keep her cool, though, and tells him that they’ll see each other at 7.

The spot ends with the brand’s logo and with the tagline “Don’t pit out when you stress out”.

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