Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible Commercial Song

Samsung Wireless Charger Commercial

Samsung has launched a new ad campaign to promote the Wireless Charger Convertible, providing fast and convenient wireless charging for compatible Galaxy phones, and other Qi-compatible devices.

The manufacturer has released the launch film, highlighting how useful this charger is by featuring a variety of scenarios, including the moment when you desperately need to have a phone conversation and, at the same time, charge the phone and the charger cable gets tangled, and when you hold a videoconference in a public space using the smartphone, which needs to be charged. The Overview spot highlights that this wireless charger, which can be easily converted from a pad to a stand, features a premium leather-like material that blends seamlessly into the d├ęcor and that it can be used everywhere, from your own kitchen, in the morning, while having breakfast, to the office, restaurants, treatment salons. How to use it? By simply placing the back of the phone on it and wait for the charging notification to appear.

The song playing in the ad is a jingle performed by Greg Priester, an English teacher in South Korea passionate
about singing.

Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible is available at the brand’s website at $89.99.

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