Samsung Galaxy S8 Commercial Song: Sibling Rivalry

Samsung Galaxy S8 Commercial: Sibling Rivalry

Samsung has dropped a new commercial, showcasing its new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8, and its sibling, S8+.

The 60-second spot, titled “Sibling Rivalry”, features two sisters who seem to compete against each other with their phones, and how the one using the Galaxy S8 is always one step ahead. The everyday situations presented in the ad highlight how the new Samsung Galaxy S8 changes the way you shop, protect, play, and work thanks to its innovative features. When they are out for a coffee and see a pair of shoes at a woman sitting at a nearby table, the sister using a “regular” smartphone starts searching for the exact same model by visiting a dedicated
website, while the other one just opens the camera and Bixby searches for her, providing in no time the necessary information so that she could purchase the shoes with just one tap. When it comes to security, the sister with Galaxy S8 doesn’t have to deal with “invalid passcode” anymore as she uses the iris scanning feature, which allows her and only her to unlock her phone really fast. At a pool party, the one using Galaxy S8 shows off its water-resistance and camera capabilities, including Smart Auto Focus (which tracks faces) and enhanced multi-frame image processing, by taking a selfie with some friends after throwing herself into the pool, and, at home, she turns the living room into her workplace by connecting her phone, via Samsung DeX, to the TV for a desktop experience allowing her to be a “powerhouse of productivity” while laying comfortable on the bed.

Eventually, the other sister decides to get an upgrade and shows up, at a meeting with her sibling, with the Galaxy S8 sibling, S8+.

The song used in the ad is “Better Now” by the band Way Way Okay!.

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