Reese’s Commercial – Peanut Butter Cups stuffed with Pieces

Reese's Commercial

Hershey’s Reese’s promotes the new Pieces Peanut Butter Cups stuffed with Pieces, available in snack size, king size and 1.5-ounce, in a 15-second spot.

The ad features several colorful little candies (Reese’s Pieces) waiting in line for opening night at Club Reese’s. The club is actually a peanut butter cup, where they are considered V.I.Pieces.

Reese’s released also other spots, one inspired by Pac-Man, featuring a Peanut Butter Cup chasing and eating Reese’s pieces, and another one, dubbed “Cup-O-Saurus”, featuring a Peanut Butter Cup “stepping” on Reese’s pieces and incorporating them.

Reese’s range of Peanut Butter Cups includes White Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Peanut Butter Cuprs, Big Cup Crunchy Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures, Peanut Butter Cups Minis.

Among the Reese’s products there are also the Fast Break Candy Bar, Reese’s Miniatures, Reese’s Sticks Wafer Bar,
Reese’s Snack Mix, Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bar, Reese’s Nutrageous Bar, Reese’s Peanut Butter Baking Chips, and

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