Propel Water Jessie J Commercial Song – Get Ugly

Girl in Propel Commercial - Get Ugly

Jessie J urges people to “get ugly” in the latest commercial released by Propel Water. The British singer has partnered up with the brand of flavored bottled water, that is advertised for having “enough electrolytes to put back what you lose in sweat”, to front their Let’s Get Ugly campaign, aiming to motivate viewers to work out more.

The colorful 30-second spot, set to the rhythms of a song titled “Let’s Get Ugly”, which has been written by Jessie J for Propel, features dozens of people working out in various ways, from spinning, running, weight lifting, dancing, and many more, and hydrating themselves with Propel.

“U.G.L.Y./ You ain’t got no alibi/ Get ugly/Get ugly/ It’s time to run it out, grind and fight/ Dripping sweat, hot like fire./ Get ugly/ Get ugly/ Burn it up, working it out, damn, you look like dynamite/ Get ugly/ Get ugly/ U.G.L.Y./ You ain’t got no alibi/ Get ugly/ Get Ugly” – sings Jessie J, who is a self-confessed fitness fanatic, eager to challenge, together with Propel, the social media trend of looking good while working out and to highlight that “it doesn’t matter what you look like when you workout” and that “what matters is how you feel when you’re done”.

Propel’s range of products includes, besides the “pure, unflavored water”, also flavored water, with nine flavors
available, which provides electrolytes and vitamins B, C and E, and powder pack.

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