M&S Life Spend it Well Advert Song

M&S TV Advert

“Life’s short. Let’s spend it well” – this is the message conveyed in the latest advert released by M&S, part of its new brand campaign, created by Grey London and introducing a new tagline: “Spend it Well”.

“Someone wise once said “Life’s short”. And spending it well isn’t always about saying “yes”. It’s sometimes having the conviction to say “no”. No uncomfortable knickers. No uncomfortable silences. No phones at the dinner table. No phones at the bedside table. No clothes that cost the Earth. No shoes that hurt your feet. No savings things for best. No disappointing dinners. No disappointing friends. No comparing yourself to this girl. No excuses. No staying silent. No holding back. So if it doesn’t make you feel ten feet tall, if it doesn’t take you somewhere extraordinary, say no.” – urges you the British actor Helen McCrory, who serves as voiceover in the 60-second spot, concluding “After all, we only get one life. Let’s spend it well”.

The ad, directed by Fran├žois Rousselet through Riff Raff Films and featuring a cover of David Bowie’s 1974 single “Rebel Rebel”, from his album “Diamond Dogs”, is an invitation for people to start celebrating life without waiting for a special occasion to dress up or eat well.

The British multinational retailer also urges people to spend summer doing the things they love, giving some advice that might be helpful, such as “Always walk tall, even in flats”, “Don’t dress for the wedding, dress for the party”, choosing from a variety of debonair suits and dashing accessories, “Make every moment and every knee-slide count”, “Get the right bra and the rest will follow” (at M&S you can find “beautiful lace, lustrous satin and easy, everyday cotton styles that fit (really) and flatter (truly), “All you need is a knife and a fork to travel”, referring to the fact that sunny days and the brand’s new Mediterranean-inspired range make the perfect excuse for a picnic, and “When the days are long, make lunch longer”.

The campaign will include also other spots: one for food, set to go live on May 11, and for the retailer’s other key areas, such as clothing, home, banking and Sparks, that will be released later this year.

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