McCoy’s Chips When Flavour Calls Sarah Advert

Girl in McCoy's Chips Advert

“When Flavour Calls” ad campaign, launched last year by the brand of crinkle-cut crisps McCoy’s (made in the UK by KP Snacks), continues with a new advert, promoting the new crinkled chips with full on Chip Shop Flavours, and featuring what happens when flavour calls Sarah.

The latter is seated at a table in a restaurant, taking a chip out of a McCoy’s Chip Shop bag, when the golden phone rings and Flavour begins talking to her. “Hello, it’s flavour calling, Sarah. Behold, new McCoy’s chips, the love child of a crunchy crips and the noble chip.” – says the Flavour, making Sarah look attentively at the chip.

“Be careful, though, they know!” – adds the Flavour, referring to the seagulls, that have gathered in front of the window and have their beady eyes on them.

McCoy’s range of new chips flavours includes curry sauce, salt & vinegar, and sea salt.

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