Lied aus der Beck’s Werbung – Legendär

Beck's Werbung

Beck’s Werbung

Geh voran – Nimms in die Hand – Und zeig der Welt, was in ihr steckt
Becks – Erst mit dir wird’s legendär!

Song aus der Werbung: Welshly Arms – Legendary


Take a look around me
Taking pages from a magazine
Been looking for the answer

Ever since we were seventeen

You know the truth can be a weapon
To fight this world of ill intentions
A new answer to the same question
How many times will you learn the same lesson?

I think they got it all wrong
We just got to hold on
And on, and on, and on

‘Cause we’re gonna be legends
Gonna get their attention
What we’re doing here ain’t just scary
It’s about to be legendary
Yeah we’re gonna be legends
Gonna teach ’em all a lesson
Got this feeling that we’re so sweet caring
It’s about to be legendary


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