LG Tone Studio Astronaut Commercial

 LG Tone Studio Commercial - Astronaut

LG promotes the LG TONE Studio, the first DTS-tuned wireless device for wearable surround sound, in a commercial highlighting that it helps you transport to another world, providing you with an “unparalleled sound experience”.

The spot, titled “Space”, which is also the official product video, features a young man wearing a spacesuit in a spaceship, who proves to be, actually, in a backyard, with two kids, but has the impression of being far away thanks to LG Tone Studio.

“Here, in complete darkness. Here, in complete silence. I am alone out here in space. All I have to console me is music.” – the guy’s voice can be heard saying in the background. “I’m almost home. Once I complete this last stretch, I can return to my loving family.” – he adds, before someone announces him that the ship is being pulled into a vortex and that the pressure is rising. He gets ready for the worse, when a woman, most probably his sister, calls him.

The video continues with the most important features of the LG Tone Studio, such as 4-Speaker Personal Surround Experience, which combines immersion and portability with the true experience of high quality sound and rich volume, Wearable Bass, that maximizes the sense of immersion with special vibration speakers that engage your entire body in low bandwidth, and Sound Designed by DTS, that enables you to experience the first DTS-tuned wearable device for “cinema-like” surround sound.

The ad ends with the brand’s tagline, “Innovation for a Better Life”.

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