Lacoste Novak Djokovic Brand Ambassador Commercial – The New Crocodile

Lacoste Novak Djokovic Commercial

After having been the global brand ambassador of Uniqlo for the past five years, Novak Djokovic, whose deal with the Japanese fast-fashion retailer has recently expired, has been named the new face of Lacoste.

The Serbian tennis player states, in the newest advertising campaign launched by the French clothing label, that he’s “proud to be the new crocodile”. Chosen to be the new face of the brand because he shares with René Lacoste “the values of sporting elegance, tenacity and fair play”, Djokovic “co-stars” with René Lacoste in a 30-second commercial, including black and white footage of the day when the brand’s founder cut the sleeves off his shirt to gain more freedom of movement and created the iconic polo.

“1933, René Lacoste creates the Polo. A revolution” – says the voiceover before Djokovic says his line, “I’m proud to be the new crocodile”. The ad ends with the tagline “Life is a beautiful sport since 1933”.

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