Indesit TV Advert – Man Doing All Household Chores

Indesit TV Advert

“Household chores are a heavy job. And yes, the most of women do a little more… How would it feel if the roles were reversed?” – this is the question raised by Indesit UK, whose latest ad campaign, DoItTogether, urges viewers to be a team with their life partners when it comes to household chores, as well, highlighting that Indesit “life proof” appliances are designed to be part of their team everyday, in their daily routine.

The spot features a family in which the roles are reversed: it is the father the one who does what most of mothers usually do, from waking up at 6AM, preparing breakfast for the entire family, waking up the kids and help them getting ready for school, ironing, going to work himself, doing grocery shopping after work and carrying all the bags alone to the house, being there for his kids, with a pep-talk, when they need it, helping the little one taking his bath, doing the laundry, playing with the kids and preparing dinner.

After a long tiring day, when he finally gets to sit down a little bit and relax on the couch, after stepping on some Lego pieces, his wife, who’s already there relaxing, welcomes with a warm empathetic smile. “Would you have reacted in the same way if it had been a woman?” – is the question raised by the manufacturer of major domestic appliances at the end of the spot, which definitely tugs at the viewer’s heartstrings. “In the UK, 66% of the housework is still done by women” – highlights Indesit, adding that “It’s time to #DoItTogether”.

The song playing in the advert is well chosen, as well, with lyrics saying “Every little thing about you is gold, is gold, When I think of you my heart beats wide open. Baby, let me love you, Baby, let me know you, know you inside and out, always let me love you”.

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