Holiday Inn Express TV Advert – Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle in Holiday Inn Express Advert

Holiday Inn Express has launched a new ad campaign, starring the comedian Rob Riggle as creative director.

The campaign includes multiples spots showcasing the benefits you have at Holiday Inn Express, from a great night sleep, to fast, free WiFi, and free, hearty breakfast, with funny amateur footage posted online that Riggle uses to support his statements.

“Be The Readiest to greet the day” – says Riggle in one of the ads. “How do I greet the day? Oh, hello, day! And where have you been all night? Really? Don’t even talk to me!” – adds the comedian in the 15-second clip.

The voiceover urges you to be “The Readiest”, relax and recharge with a great night sleep, and adds the Holiday Inn’s tagline, “Be The Readiest”.

“Other hotels get you ready. We get you The Readiest.” – states Riggle in another spot, dubbed “Smart Move”, and explaining then the difference between “ready” and “The Readiest” by showing an image of a baby girl ready to go down a slide who’s actually moving extremely slowly and a guy at a gym who runs on more treadmills at the same time. “See?”, asks Riggle at the end, before the voiceover urge viewers to be “The Readiest”, stay connected and stay on top with fast, free WiFi.

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