HCF Australia Commercial Song – Health Comes First

HCF Australia Commercial

HCF Australia Commercial

Australia’s not-for-profit health fund, HCF, urges people to imagine how the world would look like if health were number one priority in a new ad, created by The Monkeys.

The 30-second spot, aiming to inspire people to reconsider the factors “responsible” for their well-being, features a series of scenarios where the most important thing is health; thus, we see sunscreen being provided for free at beaches, streets with no cars, vans selling fruit and vegetables instead of ice-cream, and people having the possibility take spinning classes on train, while travelling long distances.

“Imagine a world where health comes first.” – says the voiceover at the beginning of the ad, adding, on behalf of HCF, that they’re working towards making it happen by “putting people before profits and making your access to quality health cover as easy as possible”.

The spot, featuring also a birthday party celebrating the 100th anniversary of a senior, ends with the voiceover saying the brand’s tagline, “Health Comes First”.

The song playing in the background is the 2017 single “Ça Va Pas La Tête?” by Belgian with Congolese roots artist Témé Tan (Tanguy Haesevoets by his real name).

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