GEICO Motorcycle Commercial Song – Parents Goin’ Up The Country

GEICO Motorcycle Commercial

GEICO promotes the Motorcycle Insurance in a new ad, highlighting that you could save a bunch of money with
GEICO’s low motorcycle rates.

The 30-second spot, by creative agency The Martin Agency Inc., starts with a short conversation between two teenage brothers in their kitchen. One of them, who’s just entered, sleepy, asks the other where their parents are and finds out that they left a note on the fridge saying they went up the country after having saved money on motorcycle insurance with GEICO. “I’m taking a nap”, says the boy, which makes his sibling exclaim: “Dude, you just woke up!”.

The spot ends with the boys’ parents riding their motorcycles, while in the background the song “Going up the Country” by Canned Heat is playing. The voiceover then says the campaign tagline, “GEICO Motorcycle. Great rates for great rides”.

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