Esurance Twin Brothers Walnut Commercial Song

Esurance Walnut Commercial - Twin Brothers

Esurance’s DIY Ditties with the Scott Brothers continues with a new clip. This time, Drew and Jonathan teach us how to get scratches out of wood furniture with the help of a walnut.

The 60-second spot, the third one in the series, features them in a kitchen, showing off dancing skills while performing the track titled “Thanks to the Walnut”, with the following lyrics:

Here’s how you clean a scratch off your furniture
Using only a walnut
Step 1: Rub the scratch with the walnut in circles
Step 2: Now rub it back and forth in a straight line
Step 3: Take a break while the natural oils seep in
Step 4: Take a cloth and polish it over
That scratch is gone – it’s outta my life
Thanks to the walnut
That scratch is gone – it’s outta my life
Thanks to the walnut

The television’s favorite home renovation brothers have partenered with the insurance company to star in a series
of funny music video ditties, created by Leo Burnett Chicago, and provide a variety of home and auto protection do-it-yourself hacks, from how to clean foggy car headlights and silence squeaky wood floors to unstick a drawer and create a no-slip rug. Their partnership was announced on April 11, one day after the release on the company’s YouTube channel of the first ditty starring the twins, who teach viewers how to clean foggy car headlights using toothpaste.

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